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Corporate Reengineering

Under the increasing pressure of competition, companies need to

  • see the changing conditions at the right time,
  • determine realistic goals and needs on time,
  • develop rational strategies to achieve their goals,
  • support their strategies with effective goal-oriented working methods and systems,
  • use information technology to maximize efficiency and competitiveness,
  • and possess the organizational structure and manpower to realize all these if they want to keep up with the pace of rapidly changing business environments.

In today's competitive world, as HERMES consultants, experienced in adapting global business and management concepts and developing solutions in alignment with Turkey's conditions, we move along HERMES's philosophy "Together For A Better You" and help our clients

  • identify and seize new opportunities,
  • set up priorities,

  • choose and implement strategic alternatives in order to achieve their organizational objectives.

We provide the following services under "Corporate Restructuring" :

  • Establishing Corporate Strategies and Policies
  • Management Auditing
  • Identifying Organizational Problems and Providing Solutions
  • Change Management
  • Implementation Consultancy
  • Setting Up New Organizational Structure
  • Analysing Business and Decision Processes (BPA)
  • Establishing New Workflow and Business Processes (BPR)
  • Developing Procedures and Work Manuals
  • Assisting In Developing The Organizational Culture
  • ISO9000 Quality System Consultancy

These services are provided by our experienced team of strategy, creative management and general management consultants.

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