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What keeps you motivated and ready to cope with the new day's offerings?

The opportunities and the challenges you face every day offer plenty of choices.

Change is constant. Each minute, every hour, every single day we change. The world changes. Some changes have immediate impact, others go unnoticed, taking time to surface.

Are you ready for change?

And if you feel like you have to change, are you ready to cope with the consequences?

Managers need to manage people as well as information. Task oriented behaviour is no longer enough, interpersonal communication skills are vital.

Continuous training is needed to update existing skills and more importantly to acquire new skills, for technology has cut through existing job structures, destroying many while creating many new ones.

Training is one way of helping people learn to improve and so is regarded as a continuing investment rather than an expense.

We at HERMES, believe that "learning-by-objectives" is one of the best ways to cope with the challenges change brings.

At HERMES, we use a client-oriented approach to meet our client's training needs. We ask our client's a few simple questions to understand their understanding of people and training .

There are 7 steps in our approach :

  • An assessment of our client's organizational needs.
  • The design of a tailored training program and an evaluation plan.
  • The implementation of our training program (not necessarily classroom oriented)
  • A coaching program, which will support both the organization and the employee to integrate newfound skills and knowledge into exisiting work.
  • Evaluation of the program
  • Follow-up
  • Coaching and re-learning programs

We apply latest and effective training methods and approaches like NLP and learning-by-example, supported with audio-visual aids.

Please view our training programs.

Besides developing training programs, we provide consultancy services such as

  • Overall Skills Evaluation
  • Detailed Training Needs Analysis and Planning
  • Developing Corporate Training Strategies
  • Setting Up a Training Department - We Prefer To Call It "Department For Continuous Learning"
  • Consulting Services for Trainers

We would be delighted to help you in preparing a training program, specific to your organizational needs or provide you with our consultancy services aimed at establishing "The Learning Organization".

  • Open Training Seminars’ Main Topics
    • Management And Team Bulding
    • Communication And Personal Performance
    • Human Resoursec Management
    • Marketing & Sales
    • Finance And Accounting
    • Banking And Foreign Trade
    • Production
    • Total Quality & Productivity
  • In-House Training Seminars
    • All The Open Training Seminars May Be
    • Organized On “In – House” Basis According To Your Company’s Needs

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