HERMES – The Messenger To Convey The Right Message To Build Up A Perfectly Operating Organization!

The various "pieces” of an organization - like departments, functions, components, tasks - work together in different ways to achieve corporate goals through well implemented strategies, maximized productivity and controlled costs.

And even though the names of the "pieces" are the same, the structure, operating style, and products of enterprises vary.

Hence, HERMES Management Consultants & Training Center was established with the aim to bring out the differences in organizations and to provide identity and integrity, unique to the organization.

HERMES is the first in Turkey in combining together corporate, financial-fiscal, legal restructuring and IT services, supported by quality, human resources, research and training.

As HERMES Management Consultants & Training Center, we provide our clients with unique solutions that create value and aim to move the organization toward the achievement of our client's strategic goals.

Our Codes

  The "ideal" solution is the solution that serves our client's needs best.

  We focus on maximizing our client's efficiency to keep the lead in today's competitive world.

  We concentrate on wholeness while keeping the essential details in focus.

  We work to ensure our client's benefits and satisfaction while staying independent.

  We aim to establish continuous organizational improvement by setting up the learning structure.

  We work to integrate our client's entrepreneurship spirit with quality, while aiming for the competitive advantage.

  We act within the framework of business and consultancy ethics, ensuring our client's confidentiality.

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